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Made in Turkey

A Turkish family business with over 10 years of experience in the graphic arts industry.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

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Year: 1989 - 24 station blend - 3 mouth blade - 18 station cover installation - 3 breaking - Knife bcm monitor with 115 cm - 30x42 size

Year:2007 - Five Colours - +LV OFFSET PRESS - 53&74 cm Size - 78 Million Impression - RCI,PPL - Colourpilot - Presspilot - Deltamatic - Alcoprint...

Year: 1999 - Size: 102 x 72 cm - impressions: 234 mil. - 5 Colours - PQC-S - Plate cylinder cocking remote control - Semi-APC (Automatic Molding System)...

Year: 1995,Size 54x72,Five Colours,Straight Machine,Alcolor Dampening,Automatic Washers,Autoplate,Weko Powder Spray,Free of damages,Underpower


Used Machinery

Gallus Em 280

Year: 1992 6 colors printing 6 air-dried 5 units UV dried Possibility of reverse printing 6 unit rotary cutting Corona generator Camera preparation Stratification apparatus Plate binding apparatus Punch cutting apparatus

2 Color Offset

Man Roland RZK 3B-E

Adam Roland RZK 3B-E Yıl: 1992 nemlendirme Alcolor İki renk 2/0 1-1 Perfecting zararların Serbest üretiminde

1 Color Offset

Heidelberg SORM (1977)

Heidelberg SORM,year: 1977,Size: 52x72,Conventional Dampening,free of damages,In production

Heidelberg SM 72-Z,year: 1982,Conventional Dampening,2 colors,In production

1 Color Offset

Heidelberg KORD (1983)

Heidelberg KORD,Year: 1983,Conventional Dampening,Underpower,Free of damages

Size max 304 x 340 mm,min 146 x 103 mm,Speed max 7.000 c/h,Equipment,2 sets of knife holders,2 set of knives,equipment for changing the format:,1 set of pressing plates & holders,1 set of quick change cassettes standard size

MBO K76 4 KZ,year:2004,4 Buckle,3 Knife,Mbo Z2 Mobile Knife Unit,SBAP 46-ME Stacker,Vaculift Pallet Feeder,32 Pages,1x Compressor,Still in production

2 Color Offset

Man Roland RZP 2C (1991)

Man Roland RZP 2C,year: 1991,Alcolor Dampening ,size: 64x91,5